Cosmic Country Funk echoed from the meandering, verdant hills of Central Tennessee. Universal themes & sounds refracted through the Southern vernacular prism.

We're Raising Funds to Finish our NEW EP!

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Hello everybody. We went in the studio recently and laid down four new songs. They are pretty topical and relate to this insane year we’ve all just had. We’ve brought in Nick Buda (drums) and Ted Pecchio (bass) for the foundation. Nick and Ted are about the most grooving players around. They’ve played with so many great artists, but both being Col. Bruce Hampton (Codetalkers) alumni takes the cake. Kaitlyn Conner of Maggie Rose, Maradeen, etc. played keys and added some background vocals. Grammy award-winning Engineer Casey Wood recorded it.

Additionally, our friend Jerika Renee is doing the custom artwork for the new EP and her creation will be worked into the art for the merch. It will be fantastic! All the net proceeds from these merch bundle sales go directly to all the musicians, engineers, studio rental, artists and other marketing and production costs. Lewis and Josh have picked up the front end, we just need you to help get us over the finish line.